Build B2B Prospecting Lists stress-free.

LeadEnrich helps you build prospect lists and enrich customer data in real-time as you pay by the contact.

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Join the hundreds of sales professionals who are building new lists and cleaning up their data with LeadEnrich.

You Could Save Hundreds of Hours.

LeadEnrich saves teams hundreds of hours in manually building and cleaning prospecting lists.

92+ Real-Time Business Attributes

Including verified emails and critical data appended or generated from your input data.

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Data Ownership You Can Export

Export Everything. We allow you to own the data. Only pay if we find it and enrich it.

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Pay As You Go Payment Model

LeadEnrich is a pay as you go model. Pay $.25 cents per contact.

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LeadEnrich is the best way to build prospect lists and clean contact data.

Step 1 - Upload List

Social Media Link Company Social Media Link First Name / Last Name / Domain Personal Email

Step 2 - Generate Output

Receive Clean and Enriched Data Against Your Upload

Import to your CRM, E-mail Lists

91 Business Attributes

91 Business Attributes Per Sheets. Perfect for your CRM or Outreach Campaigns.

Import with a CSV

We save your columns and add ours to it. Data Append is part of our product by default.

Export to CSV

You own the data. There is no data lock-in with annual contracts. We also do not cap users.

You Own The Data

No Vendor Lock-In. Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Model. We also do not cap users. Create as many as you want.

Simple Pricing

You only pay for what you use. Cancel the minimum at anytime. Our goal is to give you the highest quality, real-time data for your business profiles.

Free 7-Day Trial

$0 /month

  • 100 Credits Free

  • $0.25/per credit

  • Buy Additional Credits for $0.25/cents anytime

Cancel Anytime

Monthly Pricing

$299 /month

  • 1,200 Credits

  • Additional Credits at $0.25/per credit

  • Unlimited Users/API

Cancel Anytime

All emails are verified and tagged with an e-mail delivery status.

Try us free for 100 contacts.

Takes less than 5 minutes to Clean a List.

LeadEnrich is the easiest way to build validated Prospect Lists and clean up Customer Data.


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