Flexible Pay As You Go Model for Consumption

Simple Pricing

You only pay for what you use. Cancel the minimum at anytime. Our goal is to give you the highest quality, real-time data for your business profiles.

Free 7-Day Trial

$0 /month

  • 100 Credits Free
  • + $0.25/per credit
  • Buy Additional Credits for $0.25/cents anytime

Cancel Anytime

*We refund if you forget to cancel and don't use credits*

Monthly Pricing

$299 /month

  • 1,200 Credits
  • Additional Credits at $0.25/per credit
  • Unlimited Users/API
  • Priority Support

Cancel Anytime

*We refund if you forget to cancel and don't use credits*

LeadEnrich is a Pay-As-You-Go Model with a Monthly Minimum. Cancel and continue to keep the data.

Our teams were able to move 5x faster with the new flexibility and transparency that Cardy has brought to us using their software."

– James Godfrey, CFO, Cardamom

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your free trial?

We give you 100 credits to use on our platform. A credit is one successful prospect found or enrichment. We only charge you if you decide you want to add-on or top-up the contacts. There is no cost to this.

What does the product cost after the 7 day trial?

We charge by the contact, but we have a minimum monthly spend of $299.99 which gives you 1,200 credits. After this is gone, you have the option to top-up. It's a pay-as-you-go model so you are never locked into our contract. You may cancel at anytime and return at anytime. Some customers plan for peak seasons when they are able to enrich more contacts.

What happens if I forget to cancel my subscription to your product? Will you refund me?

Yes, in the case you miss our emails and easy cancellation process, we will refund you.

What if we cancel the service and decide to come back in a few months?

That's fine with us. Some of our customers will do that if they aren't planning to enrich as many contacts in a given month. However, many say that our data is such high quality and accurate they want to budget it in for the year as a their data enrichment tool. This gets them out of very badly structure contracts with lock-in. Some of these contracts even have clauses where you must give the data back. Renting data is a losing strategy for businesses.

Can I upload a CSV with my current data?

Yes, many of our customers just upload their CSV with their own columns, then our enrichment tool will append columns on it with [Result] in the front of the column so you know it came from our platform.

What are the inputs I can send in through a CSV file?

We have several different enrichment upload options. Each one has a list of inputs it requires. For example, our Find option has 3 options. 1) First/Last/Domain 2) Basic Search Fields 3) Job Criteria Each enrichment option has a slightly different set of information it needs. It reduces your time to get the information cleaned dramatically. Some customers see over a 10-15x time savings versus their previous process. Please see our Documentation part for more details on what you can enrich and how you might do it.

Do you have any lower monthly minimums?

Currently, we're working with customers who can commit to building lists or enriching data of at least 1,000 per month. We may offer lower minimum rates in the future, but for now we're focused on providing teams the data they need to prospect and do outreach as accurately and efficiently as they can.


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